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18 mo.-2 yrs old

This introductory class requires the participation of a parent or caretaker.  In addition to assisting children in the exploration of different types of movement, this class will increase their confidence, encourage socialization and foster the parent-child relationship through the basics of gymnastics.  Children navigate obstacle courses, jump on trampolines, engage in playful activities and participate in action oriented songs.  

 PRESCHOOL                                                           REGISTER NOW!

  Ages 3-5

As parents and teachers, we know that there's no better age to form positive learning attitudes than the preschool years.  Our Preschool Gymnastics Program is a wonderful way to achieve this.  MGA will help to develop your child's self-confidence and enhance their physical capabilities based on each age groups developmental growth.  These amazing lessons provide a positive experience through physical fitness.  It's also a fun and exciting way to help children build confidence, self-esteem and self-control.  We incorporate a blend of gymnastics (floor, bars, beam, tumble track and trampoline), music and the use of small motor equipment, such as rhythmic ribbons, hula hoops, jump ropes, balls and balloons.  We also have exciting themes that change throughout each month.





Beginner- Advanced
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
3rd through 5th Grade

Middle School                                                                                      
High School
                                                                                                                              REGISTER NOW!
Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

These classes are grouped by age and ability.  Each class is carefully constructed to motivate your child in a fun and progressive environment with the primary emphasis on safety and proper training methods.  Our instructors use drills, demonstrations and guided practice on each piece of equipment to help students learn new moves.  Gymnastics is a confidence-building sport that improves strength, flexibility, agility and coordination.  Being able to comprehend and master new skills contributes to the self-esteem and endurance building that our programs are known for!  It is also the best activity for developing skills for all other sports.

3rd Grade & up
*Must be able to do a round off ALONE on floor.

VARSITY CLUB ADVANCED*                                      
3rd Grade & up

*Must be able to do a round-off back handspring ALONE on floor in order to register for this club.

Varsity Club is a 2 hour class that meets once or twice a week (you choose at the time of registration) and is meant for students that are more serious about the sport and would really like the extra time in the gym.  Although this is a non-competitive club, it's also great for girls that are planning on competing with their school gymnastics team.  Some strength and flexibility will be worked as well.  




Girls: Evaluation required
Ages 4-7

Pre team is designed to prepare promising young gymnasts with all the skills and requirements to be part of our USAG competition team.  This is a year round commitment.  Pre team meets 2 times per week for 2 hours per practice.   

Girls: Evaluation required
Ages 5 -18

This is a year round commitment.  Girls will train for and compete in the USA Junior Olympic Program.  Team meets either 3 or 4 times per week for 3 hours per practice, depending on the level of the gymnast.  After learning the required routines, on all 4 events, gymnasts will compete at local sectional and state competitions. This program is our most intense competitive training program. 

Girls: Evaluation required
Ages 7-18
This is a year round commitment.   Girls will be prepared and compete in the USAIGC Program.  Team meets either 2 or 3 days per week, depending on the level of the gymnast, and  for 3 hours per practice.  This program is tailored to each gymnasts' individual needs. 

"Competition is good.  Competition is healthy.  Competition, when used positively, can be a benchmark by which you measure your productivity.  Competition to reach a goal is far more noble than competition to beat your competitor."


Ages 3-5

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
2nd through 4th Grade

Looking for a sport that combines gymnastics, dance and some exciting new apparatus?  Rhythmic Gymnastics is definitely for you!  Develop physical fitness, strength, flexibility, agility, balance and hand-eye coordination in every class.  

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Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
3rd through 5th Grade 

If you are trying out for a team or just want to improve your tumbling skills, this is the class for you!  This one-hour class caters to cheerleaders and is designed to teach all levels of tumbling.  Instructors use various pieces of equipment, including floor, tumble track, trampoline and overhead spotting rigs, to help students learn new skills.  We offer a safe, progressive program which promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, agility and self-confidence.  Student’s progress and advance at his or her own individual pace.


DANCE                                                        REGISTER NOW!       
Boys & Girls
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
2nd & 3rd Grade


Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance.  It incorporates poise and grace and builds upon fundamentals through barre exercises, center work and progressions across the floor.


Jazz is a style of dance in which technique is taught with modern, upbeat music.  Classes consist of stretch and isolation work, progressions across the floor and a fun combination at the end of class that incorporates movements learned throughout that class.


A fun, upbeat class centered upon dynamics such as isolations and free style movement.  Hip-hop has become popular through television shows and music videos.


Tap is a style of dance that uses the feet to create sound. Students will learn terminology, as well as musicality, beat and rhythm through barre exercises and center work. 


Boys & Girls: Audition/ Evaluation required

Ages 6-8 (Petites)
Ages 9-12 (Juniors)

This is a year round commitment and is for dancers who are looking to take their dance education to the next level.  These groups meet 2 times a week for 1 hour each practice.
NINJA                                  REGISTER NOW!
Boys & Girls
Ages 4-6
Ages 7-11

Join us in this 1 hour class of obstacle training where children will be learning how to quickly and safely "trick" their way through courses.  Throughout the class we will use each event to swing, crawl, climb, roll, flip and jump teaching the kids new skills while building strength and self-confidence.  


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